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AO Worldwide Deck

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The AO “Worldwide” has a whole new look. One of our most popular decks now comes in 6" wide. Whether you prefer angled or boxed dropouts, the “Worldwide” deck comes equipped with removable aluminum plugs to allow for the use of pegs. The copper deck also features our new V3 headtube and lightweight fender. Coming in at 4.7 lbs this deck is the perfect size for all riding styles around the globe!

5.8" in Black and Chrome

6.0" in Copper



21.5" = 2134 g, 4.7 lbs.

22" = 2166 g, 4.77 lbs.


21.5" = 2110 g, 4.65 lbs.

22" = 2140 g, 4.71 lbs.


22" = 2134 g, 4.7 lbs.

22.5"= 2146 g, 4.72 lbs.