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Oversized Outside Diameter

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  • Longway Kronos T-Bar 700mm


    Longway Kronos T-Bar 700mm


      185The new Longway titanium bar is called “KRONOS” like the Titan God of time in the Greek Mythology. It stands for highest quality, strength and eternity. It is strong and super light! It comes with a unique laser engraving logo design. It is...

  • Apex - T-Bars XXL


    Apex - T-Bars XXL


    Apex bars will never let you down. The quality of this design and material gives you a long lasting handlebar and keeps your setup looking clean. Made from 4130 steel chromoly, the bars are reinforced, notched and hand welded to perfection. Available in...

  • Above Titanium T Bar


    Above Titanium T Bar

    MSRP: $360.00

    The Above Libra Titanium T bars are manufactured from seamless grade 9 titanium tubing, which has one of the highest strengths to weight ratios of any metal alloys, meaning that our bars are very strong and very light. The bars are TIG welded together in...

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  • Affinity LE T-Bar Oversized


    Affinity LE T-Bar Oversized


    Affinity LE is our way of bringing out One-Off custom colorways without the insane volume of mass producing many more colorways. Each new colorway will different and only sold within the stock we produce. Once stock runs out, that's it. They're gone...

  • Affinity Classic XL T-Bar- Oversized


    Affinity Classic XL T-Bar- Oversized


    Affinity “Classics” XL T Bar*   The Classic T bar boasts a thick .083” Crossbar. By using this thickness the bar is able to maintain strength while enabling that classic T bar look. The steerer tube is a .058 thick” and fits nicely on most compression...

  • Affinity Basic Bar- Oversized


    Affinity Basic Bar- Oversized


    Affinity Basic Bar The Basic T bar was created for a few reasons. We understood that $80+ for a handlebar can be a lot to shell out, even with the stellar quality we put into every bar. With this is mind we set out to make an affordable bar that still...