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Standard Inside Diameter

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  • Apex Bol Bars - Standard


    Apex Bol Bars - Standard


    Std Specifications 4130 Chrome Moly Steel Tig Welded, CNC Bent & Notched Powder Coated / Chromed for High Scratch resistance 560mm Wide 560mm High 31.75mm Diameter Designed for SCS Threaded systems - slit will need to be cut Available in Black,...

  • Envy - Reaper V3 Bar


    Envy - Reaper V3 Bar

    $99.99 - $124.99

    Not only are the Envy Reaper bars the most popular aluminum bar in the scooter world, but they also are some of the most reliable bars you can get. The V3's are made from a denser Aluminum, which only increases the stregth and life time of the bar. If...

  • Affinity Basic T Handlebars Standard Size


    Affinity Basic T Handlebars Standard Size

    $60.00 - $70.00

    The Basic T bar was created for a few reasons. We understood that $80+ for a handlebar can be a lot to shell out, even with the stellar quality we put into every bar. With this is mind we set out to make an affordable bar that still embodied the quality...





    The Envy Reaper bar is one of, if not the most popular aluminum bar on the market. Tested vigorously in the streets, and in the park by many.


    Ethic DTC



    The Trianon Ethic bar is the very first T-bar from Ethic DTC. The world first ICS chromo bar with the star welded. ICS but the bar is still compatible SCS (with an adapter) and IHC. Made to be strong and simple. Weight: 2.52 lbs Width: 22" Height:...

  • Aztek DaVinci Handlebars


    Aztek DaVinci Handlebars


    Retail - $79.00 Aztek DaVinci bars are a stylish 4130 chromoly T-bar built to be indestructible. A notched downtube creates a larger welding surface to make these bars ultra-strong. Available in extra large sizes, and black and black chrome colorways...

  • Lucky Ti Standard Bar


    Lucky Ti Standard Bar


    The Lucky Ti Standard Bar™ is the newest to our Bar lineup. We designed this bar to be light weight and stylish. Our OG NW style gussets add strength and up the flavor of these bars. NASA grade titanium and Tig welding make this bar...

  • Ethic DTC Handlebar Deildegast

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC Handlebar Deildegast


    The Deildegast Ethic bar is the lightest steel bar. That is a great combination for the weight and solidity. Weight: 2.3lbs Width: 23.6" Height: 28.4" Material: Steel Outer Bar Diameter: Standard Inner Bar Diameter: Standard Stock Compression...

  • Affinity Classics XLT Handlebars Standard Size


    Affinity Classics XLT Handlebars Standard Size

    $80.00 - $95.00

    Affinity is a rider owned brand from Southern California. Products are made in house by riders with one goal, to help push the sport for free style scooter riding and the parts available. The Classics XL T bar comes in at 24" Wide and 28" tall and is...

  • PROTO BabySlay Chema Cardenas


    PROTO BabySlay Chema Cardenas


    Last but certainly not least, and our personal favorite from the new signature lines, the @chemacardenas_proto Signature “Relic” Baby slaYers. Laser engraved using Chema’s Mayan inspired elements from the rest of the Relic line, over a...