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  • Aztek Circa V3 Fork


    Aztek Circa V3 Fork


    The Circa Fork is back for a third time, and somehow it got even lighter. Being one of the only forged forks created from a 7075 aluminum alloy also makes this fork nearly indestructible. Available...

  • Aztek Michael Hohmann Lucid 2 Deck


    Aztek Michael Hohmann Lucid 2 Deck


    Mike loves the Lucid 2 deck, but he told us he'd love it even more if he had one in 6.25" wide, so we decided to make him this. This deck has a beautiful baby blue paint job, and a killer graphic by...

  • Aztek Europa Scooter Deck


    Aztek Europa Scooter Deck


    Not only is the Europa Deck the biggest deck we have at 7" wide, it also features a revolutionary new grinding surface, and inner steel pegs. The bottom of the Europa Deck is convex, which adds a...

  • Aztek Corsa Complete Scooter


    Aztek Corsa Complete Scooter


    The Corsa Complete is our new premium park scooter. It weighs a mind-boggling 6.2 pounds, and features a new balanced and lightweight deck, forged Circa 2 forks, SCS compression, and aluminum Odyssey...

  • Aztek Architect XL Wheels


    Aztek Architect XL Wheels


    The Architect XL Wheels are designed to be some of the lightest 30mm wheels available, thanks to the strong 19-spoke core.  High-rebound, low-profile urethane keep these wheels responsive...

  • Aztek Lite Grips


    Aztek Lite Grips


    We've got an all new grip that was designed with functionality, simplicity, and weight savings in mind. Ribs are optimized for softness and sweat-wicking. Tighter fit than usual to keep them...

  • Aztek 666 Deck


    Aztek 666 Deck

    MSRP: $219.95

    The biggest deck ever made for maximum control and stability, and even lighter than you would imagine. Hardened enamel translucent black clearcoat slides fast and changes colors depending on the...

  • Aztek Lucid 2 Deck


    Aztek Lucid 2 Deck


    The most versatile and agile deck in scootering is back with some major improvements over the previous model. The deck feels thin and ultra-lightweight under your feet, with deep-dish concave for...

  • Aztek Siren Deck


    Aztek Siren Deck

    MSRP: $119.95

    The Siren Deck is an affordable way to make a huge upgrade to your scooter with a 6" wide deck that the Aztek team prefers. This deck is designed to give you the maximum options for grinding. Rounded...

  • Aztek Siren Pro Scooter


    Aztek Siren Pro Scooter

    MSRP: $239.95

    The long-awaited Siren Complete is a scooter for riders of all ages who are serious about street riding, complete with some seriously premium components. Coming in with a 6.0" wide deck, 27" by 24"...

  • Aztek Griptape


    Aztek Griptape


    Need that little bit of extra grip to catch your whips perfectly? Look no further, the Aztek Griptape has an extra gritty design for the most precise catches, every time. 6" x 23"

  • Aztek Headset


    Aztek Headset


    Retail - $24.95 The Aztek Integrated Headset has sealed bearings that keep your bars turning smoothly. Includes alloy top cap for a smooth look.