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  • Apex - Bianca Dilworth Signature Deck


    Apex - Bianca Dilworth Signature Deck


    The Bianca Dilworth Signature Deck features a custom design and one of our most popular anodised colourways.   The 5” deck has been designed for riders to progress in all disciplines...

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  • Apex - SCS v3


    Apex - SCS v3


    DESCRIPTION The SCS V3 is both stylish and strong, suitable for any setup. This clamp has evolved over the years now being in its third and final stage, now being recognised as one of the most...

  • Apex - SCS Lite


    Apex - SCS Lite


    DESCRIPTION The SCS Lite is the ultimate compression system. Made from 7075 Aluminium has allowed this SCS to cut down the weight, while maintaining the strength, making this one of the highest...

  • Apex - HIC Kit (Double Clamp)


    Apex - HIC Kit (Double Clamp)


    DESCRIPTION The Apex HIC Kit is a simple design that is made to last. This oversize clamp is the best product for riders looking to go big. Featuring two high quality M6 bolts, matching anodised HIC...

  • Apex - Baseball Cap


    Apex - Baseball Cap


    The Apex baseball cap is a simple but stylish. Whether you’re riding to the park or filming your friends insta-clips, this cap has you covered. Adjustable strap: One size fits all

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  • Apex - Infinity Fork Standard


    Apex - Infinity Fork Standard


    The infinity fork has been around from the beginning! An OG Apex product to say the least. This unique design gives you durability and originality. Available in a range of anodized colours and...

  • Apex - T-Bars XXL


    Apex - T-Bars XXL


    Apex bars will never let you down. The quality of this design and material gives you a long lasting handlebar and keeps your setup looking clean. Made from 4130 steel chromoly, the bars are...

  • Apex - 6" Wide Joel Ingold Signature Deck


    Apex - 6" Wide Joel Ingold Signature Deck


    Joel Ingold has played a significant role in developing and progressing Apex Pro Scooters street culture in the last few years, which is why we are so pleased to present this Signature...

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  • Apex -Integrated Headset


    Apex -Integrated Headset


    Produced with superior quality sealed bearings for a fast spinning headset. A machined tapered compression ring keeps the headset snug. The Headset cap is anodised and laser etched. 1-1/8 Threadless...

  • Apex - Boxed Deck 6"


    Apex - Boxed Deck 6"


    PRODUCT: 6” Wide Deck The latest addition to our range is the 6” wide deck. This deck has been refined and perfected over the last year to create a durable, light and well balanced street...