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Double Clamp/HIC

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  • Gassey - Nucleair Titanium Clamp


    Gassey - Nucleair Titanium Clamp

    MSRP: $99.99

    The first Titanium clamp in our collection! It's amazing how well this fits with our Titanium bars. Our Nucleair clamp fits with a HIC compression. It originally has an oversized measure, but we've got you covered! We included a standard shim so you can...

  • Apex - HIC Kit (Double Clamp)


    Apex - HIC Kit (Double Clamp)


    DESCRIPTION The Apex HIC Kit is a simple design that is made to last. This oversize clamp is the best product for riders looking to go big. Featuring two high quality M6 bolts, matching anodised HIC shim and laser etched Apex Logo, this clamp is the...

  • Triad Conspiracy 2 Bolt Clamp


    Triad Conspiracy 2 Bolt Clamp

    MSRP: $29.99

    The Conspiracy 2 Bolt Clamp has been designed to ensure it aligns with the shapes and intricate details you've come to appreciate from Triad. From the integrated dust cap for a super flush look that eliminates the need for a top cap, to the unique shape...

  • Oath Carcass 2 Bolt Clamp


    Oath Carcass 2 Bolt Clamp

    MSRP: $34.99

    he Oath Carcass clamp is an ultra light clamp that maintains a solid rib cage frame to lock your bars down tight. SKU: 53542-V What's in the Box? 1 clamp & shim

  • urbanArtt Civic 2-Bolt Clamp


    urbanArtt Civic 2-Bolt Clamp

    MSRP: $34.99

    It might look familiar, with the origins of the new Civic clamp inspired from the previous Cyro and Primo clamps, but this baby, in time, will create its own identity and forge its own reputation as a rock solid, modern reliable clamp that won’t...

  • Tilt Arc Double Clamp


    Tilt Arc Double Clamp


    The Arc Double Clamp is part of Tilt’s Stage II collection and is designed specifically for holding oversized bars. It features a profile machined face which is structurally balanced, putting the material and strength where you need it. Custom bolts with...

  • Ethic DTC Clamp Sylphe

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC Clamp Sylphe


    New Ethic clamp, the only one created in 7075, light, minimalist and especially a good tightening torque thanks to its screws in M8 which are tightened with the key of 6. 2 sizes available, 31.8 and 34.9mm

  • Root Industries - Lithium Double Clamp

    Root Industries

    Root Industries - Lithium Double Clamp


    The Lithium Double Clamp was taken straight off of the popular Root Industries Lithium Complete! It's super sleek and does its job perfectly. The clamp can fit oversized bars out of the box, but doesn't come with a shim to fit standard bars, so make sure...

  • North Scooters Axe HIC Clamp Oversized & Standard


    North Scooters Axe HIC Clamp Oversized & Standard

    MSRP: $29.99

    The 2019 Axe Clamp Features an all new design with a slimmer profile as well as 6mm M8 bolts and is a perfect clamp for anyone running a HIC or IHC Compression system. The Axe Clamp is full CNC Machined out of 6061 Aluminum, taking material out in all...

  • PROTO – 2″ Half Knuckle V2 [Oversized]


    PROTO – 2″ Half Knuckle V2 [Oversized]


    The PROTO Half-Knuckle is and has been one of the most durable clamps on the market since PROTO’s inception in 2008. Designed and manufactured in San Diego, CA., by riders for riders. PROTO prides itself in being on the innovative forefront of freestyle...