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  • Ethic DTC - Merrow V3 IHC Fork

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC - Merrow V3 IHC Fork


    9 years after its big sister, the Merrow fork is back in its 3rd evolution.A single goal: to be the most optimised and lightest fork possible. (lightest fork in the world) Machined entirely from the strongest aluminium (7075), its curves and shapes are...

  • Triad Conspiracy TUC Fork


    Triad Conspiracy TUC Fork

    MSRP: $79.99

    The Conspiracy TUC fork is our latest innovation that’s capable of running all 3 of the common compression systems in the one fork. Not only can it run IHC, HIC and SCS compressions by utilising specifically designed shims but it also comes with 4...


    Ethic DTC



    Evolution of the Ethic DTC Legion v1 fork. Entry level fork created to be as cheap as possible, light and strong for his use. - 6061-T6 - 120 mm compatible - Compression shim included - 8 STD (24 wide wheels) - 6 mm allen key fit (alen key /...

  • Root Industries - Invictus IHC Fork V2

    Root Industries

    Root Industries - Invictus IHC Fork V2


    Continuing on their ever-progressing journey to innovate and evolve within the world of freestyle scootering, Root Industries has taken the industry by storm once again. Introducing the all-new and massively-improved Invictus v2 professional scooter...

  • Oath Spinal IHC Fork


    Oath Spinal IHC Fork

    MSRP: $89.99

    The Oath Spinal fork has been engineered to be a light weight yet fully compatible fork. It comes with spacers to fit both 24mm and 30mm wide and up to 125mm tall wheels, as well as having 12 STD conversion spacers. Strength is maintained in the high...

  • Envy SOBV3 Fork - IHC


    Envy SOBV3 Fork - IHC

    MSRP: $89.95

    Slightly Over Built, originally Jesse Ikedahs signature fork, has had a huge facelift for 2016! Considered the stongest fork made by Envy, the new design looks amazing and comes in a range of awesome new colors!Made from 6061 Aluminium and weighing...

  • Lucky IHC Huracan Pro Scooter Fork


    Lucky IHC Huracan Pro Scooter Fork


    The NEW IHC HURACAN™ Fork. The latest and the greatest fork in the Industry. Built to last and perfect for every pro scooter that has a front wheel! The Lucky HURACAN™ IHC scooter fork was designed after we saw a huge request in the...

  • Oath Shadow IHC Fork


    Oath Shadow IHC Fork

    MSRP: $79.99

    The Shadow fork is one of the most progressive forks on the market. Made from forged 6061 T6 Aluminium, the Shadow fork fits up to 125mm high wheels and a whopping 28mm core with virtually no comprise on weight. With the scooter market changing rapidly,...

  • Root Industries - Fork AIR IHC

    Root Industries

    Root Industries - Fork AIR IHC


    Finding a unique style in a blooming industry can be a challenge. However, Root Industries never backs down from a challenge - and has greatly succeeded with the AIR Series fork. Always staying true to the series mantra, the Root Industries AIR Fork is...