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  • North Scooters Essential Grips


    North Scooters Essential Grips


    All new from North Scooters, The Essential grips feature a very simple ribbed design, making them both comfortable and giving them a clean look. A slightly thicker base adds comfort as well as increases durability, topped off with a small North logo...

  • Hella Grip – Broadway Scooter Grips

    Hella Grip

    Hella Grip – Broadway Scooter Grips

    MSRP: $15.00

    The Broadway Grip brings all the qualities you love about Hella Grip to your hands, and redefines what a superior handlebar grip should feel like. Introduce those palms to a new species of durability and comfort. Designed in-house and approved by The...

  • Aztek Scooter Grips - White


    Aztek Scooter Grips - White


    Retail - $12.00  We've calculated the optimal rib thickness for the perfect amount of softness. The horizontal ribs allow the vertical ribs to remain upright, staying soft no matter how hard you grip it. Contours towards the end of each side allow...

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  • Ethic DTC Foam Grips - Black

    Ethic DTC

    Ethic DTC Foam Grips - Black


    Big comfort, very light, essential for those who sweat hands. More limited life than rubber grips, but very low price. - Soft - Lenght: 170mm - Diameter: 32mm

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  • Tilt Metra Grips


    Tilt Metra Grips


    The Metra Grips are designed with comfort in mind. With thin ribs and wide rib spacing, these grips are the perfect blend of softness and durability. The pattern on the Metra grip is inspired by the connecting public transport lines running through the...

  • Tilt - Topo Two Grips


    Tilt - Topo Two Grips


    The Topo Two Grips builds off of an inverted Topo Grip. Instead of the ribs being thick and the spacing thin, the Topo Two Grips have thin ribs and wider rib spacing. The result is a soft and comfortable grip. The organic, abstract pattern makes sure...